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The Douglass Project

The Douglass Project is named after one of the 19th century’s most profound and prolific statesman; the famed abolitionist, author, and orator Frederick Douglass.


The program emphasizes the determination of Douglass despite what some would consider insurmountable odds; born into slavery, separated from his mother at an early age, and sold or given property from plantation to plantation.


Douglass marked a significant change in his life when the slave owner's wife, Sophia Auld started teaching him the alphabet. When her husband discovered the teaching sessions, and forcefully stopped his wife and declared in so many words that learning would spoil Douglass as a slave and stated in no uncertain terms that if you teach him how to read, “there would be no keeping him. It would forever unfit him to be a slave.”  He was right!


Douglass continued to learn in secrecy and taught himself by watching others and working privately to master the ability.  He would later run away and gain his physical freedom from slavery and become a light to the world.


The Douglass project emphasizes the lessons of Douglass’ life: Literacy, Problem-Solving (Math & Critical Thinking Skills), and Determination to Achieve.

We want to see more children, students, and adults gain the freedom they rightfully deserve! 

These services are FREE.

Mentors are available and ready to assist individuals of all ages!

 Grace City Cathedral

1925 5th Avenue Rock Island, IL 

For questions, please call 563-528-0892

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